Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Different Kind of Disney

When Kali and I were at Disney World last week I thought about what kind of pictures I wanted to take. I literally have hundreds of photos with characters, or fireworks, and parades. So I decided to aspire to a different kind of Disney photo. Detail shots. Fun memories of our day. Architectural design. Something different.

From one of the many clothing shops on Main Street.

The roofline of Casey's Corner. They have super french fries and hot chocolate. Just saying. And a great piano player set up on the sidewalk. Wish I could play like that!

Yeah, I love to play with photoshop :O).

Details from the Jungle Cruise.

Toontown Hall of Fame Tent. I love the interior, it's so much fun!

And they have all these cool toys! The ones in the top right photo are a new toy (at least to me) called Mickey's Monsters. They are new for Halloween :).

There's my baby girl! I think we were headed for smoothies!

The Mad Hatter with Kali. These were the only real character shots we took that whole day! We had a great time. Thanks for looking at my Disney details :O).


BECKY said...

Oh Alice! How fun is this??? A completely different perspective of one of our fave destinations! Next time you're down here let me know and we can meet for lunch!! Even more fun!!

Have a joyful Friday! I always love your pics!!

Love n hugs,

Tiffany Walensky said...

neat picture, I LOVE the first one!

Anna said...

Hey! Thanks for your concern and prayers for Cherry Mae. I havnt heard from her (letters take around 2 months to get to me) and Compassion would of contacted me if she was affected. Also she lives in Cebu city which is quite a bit south of Manila so I'm pretty sure she is safe.

How many kids do you have? Awsome pictures!

Lorena said...

Thank You for your WONDERFUL comment! =) I do love your photographs and I'm always learning form great women like you, Thank You Alice! =)

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