Friday, October 30, 2009

Fix-It Friday, Week 34, I ♥ Faces

It's Fix-It Friday at I ♥ Faces. This is the original they gave us to work with.

Here is my first edit. I used Picasa and PSCS3 to pop up the color, edit out bruises and bug bites, smooth the skin, pop the eyes, and blur the edges.

Next, I reversed the image and added a bit of solar flare, which in this particular case softened the picture a bit.

For this one I cropped in and focused on her face. In the original she had a lot of purpling around the eye. I smoothed this out in PSCS3, then used's Magic Skin action.

I like to play around with settings in photoshop. I changed up the contrast and got the photo on the right.

Then I put the picture through's Coloring Book, Cocoa Twist action. I love how this last one turned out! Why don't you join in the fun and post some edits of your own? To see how others interpreted this week's picture, head on over to I ♥ Faces.


Jennifer Froh said...

Such a cutie pie, isn't she!? Great edits! I love that you did so many!

Pauline said...

Nicely executed.. Interesting how a flip of a photo can totally change its perspective! Beautiful work as well.. :) ALoha! :D

Jennifer said...

love the edits!
i am a huge fan of solar flares and reversing the image was genius. great job!


Martha said...

Very nice edits! I loved working on this one; she is such a baby doll. I love your blog also and have bookmarked it so I can visit often. Blessings, Martha

Caroline said...

DEFINITELY love the last one!! Nice 'flip' too :D

Sandy "From the Heart of Texas" said...

Lovely edits. My favorite is the last one in black and white!

The Butler Family said...

Thanks for the comment =)

the cocoa twist action was a great pick! I love black and white but something about this def. gives it a twist.

Great pictures!

Scott and Jaclyn said...

Love that you flipped it. I also like the b & w! :)

Mrs. Bird said...

Great work! The actions I used from PW were Fresh and Colorful and the Seventies. For the "Coco" I used her sepia action with a black and white action over it and adjusted the opacity to let the sepia show through. Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

Nice work. :) I especially love the last one. I picked a good week to start doing this...she is such a cutie!

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