Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Honeymoon Suite, Cedar Key

An unassuming building sitting out in the gulf at Cedar Key. Mark and I spent this past week being ... basically ... lazy. Mark fished and rode around in the boat. I floated in a swimming pool for hours on end. It was wonderful. When we rode down by the water, we stopped and visited this shack.
This building is lovingly referred to as The Honeymoon Suite by all the locals. It is the most painted building, the most painted tourist point of interest, the most painted oddity of Cedar Key. Its likeness graces t-shirts, post cards, book covers, painting for your living room, ceramic decorations for your bathroom, men's boxers, ladies nightshirts, kitchen towels, key fobs on key rings, tops of bottle cap openers, and probably many other things that I just didn't have an opportunity to witness - lol!. We've been watching this building slowly sink towards the water for several years now. I find it interesting that one of the windows still has its glass intact, while it looks like the main wall is slowing slipping through the bottom boards and heading for the water. Honeymoon Suite? Not for me. But, the price is definitely right :). Hopefully I'll be posting a few more shots from Cedar Key in the next day or so.


Nana said...

And it is right on the water. What more could you ask for? Cool picture. But I am with you. I will pass staying there. :) Amazing that none of the storms have blown it down yet.

Anita Johnson said...

I think I'll pass on staying there, but I bet the view would be heavenly!

Alice said...

anita - the view is glorious! the sun rises across the water behind the building. next time we go i want to get up early one day and get a shot of that :). just couldn't make myself do it this trip - lol!

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