Saturday, August 1, 2009

Feeling Spunky? Or Am I Just Bored?

Kali and I went to get our hair done yesterday. Our hairdresser is young, energetic, and vibrant. She tries different styles and different colors all the time. We never know what her hair is going to look like from trip to trip. Yesterday when we walked into the shop, the first thing I noticed was that her hair was pink :O). Yes, pink! Apparently, she had colored her hair black, then laid the dark red over it, and her hair just turned pink. There were still sections of black, and some of deep red, and a whole lot of pink. As she was mixing my color - out of the blue - I said, "how about giving me some maroon, burgundy streaks?" And she did. I really love it. It's so different. And, Mark and I went to Wal-Mart today and only one person looked at me funny, so apparently it's not too bad :O). Not sure what my mom is going to think about it, though :).


BECKY said...

Wow Gal!! You went all out, huh? I have let my stylist have fun with my hair before, but never with color!! You have far more courage than I!! You're the cool Mom kids wish they had!! Glad you had fun! My vote is for natural colors, but you can certainly carry this look off!! What does Kali think?

Oh and the baby photos in the previous post are amazing!! Absolutely precious!!

Hope your Sunday is full of God's best!!
Love ya,

Dea said...

wow thats pretty crazy but awesome as well! Looks good!

Lindsay Anne said...

Wow! I too picky about my hair. That is awesome that you have so much trust in your hairstylist. Enjoying it?

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