Friday, September 4, 2009

Fix-It-Friday #27 at I ♥ Faces

Fix-It-Friday at I ♥ Faces is a fun challenge where we get to take a photo they provide us and edit it any way we like. Then everyone posts their edits and you get to check them all out and learn from other photographers!
This is the photo given to us this week. My first impressions were: isn't that a sweet little face! and, wow! the whole picture needs to be lightened up.
This is my first edit. I used Picasa to lighten the picture and add a touch of glow. Then I went to PSCS3 and took the contrast down and cleaned up the eyes. In cropping, I rotated the picture a little to give it a fun look!
I took that same edited photo, rotated into a reverse angle, and used the Urban Cover Model action.
Here I left the angle the same as the original shot. I cropped in a little closer on the left, so the photo wouldn't be so centered. With this - your eye travels from left to right across the photo easier. I also dropped out a little of the background.
And in this last photo, I again rotated into a reverse angle, then used the Coloring Book, Cocoa Twist action. I love actions! and I use them alot!
Just because I can :O). Blog-It Boards action :O). To check out everyone else's edits - or to add your own - just click here and visit I ♥ Faces. It's a lot of fun!


Amanda said...

Wow! Your layout at the end is so creative and neat! I love your great ideas and different perspectives... great job!

God bless-

Mildred said...

Amazing what you can do! I love the collage. Hope you and the family have a nice weekend.

Hannah said...

I agree with what Amanda said. You did a great job!


•Misty Sparks• said...

Thanks for the blog comment earlier :) Your edits are good, too. I like how you added catch-lights in his little eyes! And I think creative crops are cool, so I like how you changed the photo up a bit that way. Also, *love* how you displayed all your edits with Jodi's blog-it-board action.

Sharon said...

Well done! I would have never thought to invert the perspective, but that makes the final mosaic so powerful.

Gosh, I just love how much I can lean from everyone else! So glad you left your link!


Buckeroomama said...

Great edit! I especially love the "collage" that you did at the end. :)

Tiffany said...

Beautiful job, I never would have thought of "flipping" the pic. Thanks for visiting June Makes Six...

Me-Mo said...

Great edits!! I love the way you lightened it up!

Amandalynn said...

I like the way you cropped it and flipped it! Very creative!

Jennifer Froh said...

Great edits! I love your storyboard and how you flipped the image! Beautiful!

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