Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vera-licious, Because I've Got My Priorities! (LOL)

Kali and I recently spent a week with family near Atlanta. We were out visiting an outdoor mall one afternoon when my niece asked if we liked Vera Bradley. Well, I immediately thought "of course! Who doesn't?" and answered in the affirmative. Kelly immediately detoured us across the road and into this little shop that had a few Vera Bradley items. I emphasize "a few." The above photo and the one just below show pretty much the stock they had on hand. Lots of other cool stuff in the store, just not much Vera Bradley.
Not that it slowed us down all that much :). Kelly and I both had a hard time deciding between two bags in the new Blue Rhapsody pattern. I hung around waiting until Kelly picked the one she wanted, then I grabbed the one she left behind for myself.
The next day Kelly and Sandy took us to another Vera Bradley store, this time a SERIOUS Vera Bradley store. The shelves were packed tight and they had racks of Vera in their storage room. Sandy had a hard time deciding on a wallet in the Bali Blue. Tough decisions, tough decisions! I don't even remember which one she decided on - lol!
(For those of you who know us - Sandy is Mark's sister and I love her!)
And this is Kelly trying to narrow down her decision! What a hoot! Isn't she great?!?
See what I mean? Rows packed tight! Love it!
Who can pick just one? I gotta have 'em all! (Just kidding. Sort of.)
Besides, who else do you know - besides Vera Bradley - that blogs about Vera Bradley?


Tomara said...

Those are some GREAT photos! Love all the color!

Nana said...

I love that blue and purple she had on her shoulder. That would be my choice.

Lisa Ann said...

Great pics. Love those bags! How do you pick just one ?

Patti said...

Love all the color! Sounds like a fun shopping trip.

Alice said...

tomara - thanks :) i live for color!

nana - that's the pattern kelly and i debated over and we both ended up with that same one

lisa ann - you don't! it's that simple :)

Patti - it was a fun break from our serious stuff we had going on :)

BECKY said...

You are too cute, Alice!! I like Vera Bradley, but I usually just give smaller Vera items as gifts! I don't own any myself. I am more of a classic bag with a slight twist kinda gal, not given to brightly colored bags unless it's for the beach!! Oh now I've gone and done it! I'll have to hit the beach this week for sure, now!!

Glad you had a great time!! And that you got something you love! That's just the best!

Enjoy your weekend, sweetie!
HUGS and love,

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