Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For My Fellow Photographers

I figured my photography friends could really appreciate Garfield today and could also start their day out with a laugh :O). I love Garfield! He's my favorite.

Kali and I are in Montgomery, Alabama, this week at a Communicators For Christ speech and debate conference. Kali is expecting to graduate from one of their leadership programs at this conference. Her hopes is to become an intern with CFC in another year or two. Posts may be sketchy from here. Our internet service at the hotel is terrible. Have a great week!


Patti said...

I lived in Mont. from '69 to '76 at 3131 Fairground Rd. behind the coluseum. Went to Highland Gardens Baptist Church where I was saved & baptized & attended Highland Gardens Elementary school 1st - 6th grade. I remember they had a cool little zoo. We still drive into Mont. with my mom sometimes when visiting to see old friends.

Divamom said...

I love Garfield! Thanks for the laugh!

Be Blessed!

mommaof4wife2r said...

that is so stinking cute i can't stand it!!! hilarious!

Sarahlcc said...

That's hilarious! We love Garfield ~ and spiders. I hope you're enjoying the trip.

FeeBeeKay said...

Love and prayers to you both this week Alice, and especially for Kali - what an amazing young woman you have raised. You must be so proud my dear friend, and with good reason! Fiona x

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