Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Time To Make the Donuts

I'll begin by saying most of these pictures were taken through glass, some of which was darkly shaded. These were taken at a wonderful Krispy Kreme somewhere near Atlanta. Yummo! It's time to make the donuts. (I thought this was timely for a Sunday - lol!) I did not get a shot of the dough being dropped out into rings - sorry - I couldn't get my camera near enough. Here you see the donuts on little racks getting ready to be dunked in the oil to cook.
And the cooking process begins. I guess I never really thought about all those yummy donuts being dredged through grease - ugh! I'll try to forget this part when I eat donuts next time. Instead, I'll think about butterflies, and flowers, and fluffy little kitties :).
Here you notice that the top has cooked. Somewhere inside the machine the donuts were flipped over. The second side is cooking now. Aren't they starting to look yummy? Once you overlook the little bubbles of grease near the cooking donuts o.O

Then up on the racks so the oils will drip off. Keep 'em moving!
And all that yummy icing is poured on. Keep 'em moving down the shoot! Time to herd them all up onto the racks :). Time to add frosting, sprinkles, nuts, stuffings, yummo! I'm getting hungry :O).
And there they are! All the different flavors divided up on the trays. So hard to decide! (And here I have to point out to all the homeschoolers - i think someone must homeschool in this Krispy Kreme. What do you think? Can you see the Super Student sticker? It would be like a field trip everyday :O). And there's their Business Permit right above the computer in the middle of their school area - lol!)
Really hard to decide! But this was what we ended up with - a little bit of a lot of different kinds. I liked the little football one :). Oh, yea, almost forgot. We got one dozen glazed, too, but I didn't take a picture of those.
Just one closing side note ***** if you eat too many Krispy Kremes ***** this is what they start looking like! Be forewarned!


Dea said...

Those look so delicious! What a cool thing to see being made.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Your photos are amazing. Now I want Krispy Kreme. I hate you.


(Not really.)

BECKY said...

Great pics, Alice!! Krispy Kreme are hubby's faves!! I prefer Dunkin Boston Creme, and that is about it besides the plain cake donut! I'm more a chips and salsa kind of gal...just give me something salty and I'm happy!!

Have a joyful week,

Patti said...

I keep telling myself that with no Krispy Kream in the area, I should learn how to make donuts with my bread machine & fry daddy - I just can't imagine mine looking so yummy. Plus there's the fat issue> if I started making them, would I ever stop eating? Would I start looking like a donut?

Thanks for sharing the homeschooling KK photos. Educational & delicious! Hope you don't mind the rabbit chase. :-)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh they look so delicious!! Love the photos of the Vera bags as well. Very lovely colors!

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