Sunday, January 17, 2010

Masters, 2010, in Hamlet, North Carolina

Welcome to Masters, 2010, taught by the Institute For Cultural Communicators Intern Team. During the course of the week, we will also hear from Mrs. Teresa Moon and several of the intern alumni, as well as guest speakers from around the country.

This year's theme is: Awakening. rise up. reach out. One comment in the Masters' video really stood out to me: everything exposed by the light becomes visible. More about that as the week goes on.

Let's look at the first day of set-up.

This was nice to see as we pulled into the parking lot. And what a beautiful sanctuary they have. My friend Stephanie will love these next three pictures :).

Most of you know that Kali has been involved in the student leadership program with ICC this past year. We attended several conferences in the fall where Kali was able to assist with some of the classes and had specific duties as an apprentice. Kali is now old enough to be an RSA at Masters this year. That would a Recommended Staff Assistant. They are literally the arms and legs, the grunt-force behind Masters. They do all the detail work so the intern staff can be free to teach. Fun stuff like cooking, serving, cleaning tables, cleaning floors, cleaning toilets, cleaning sinks, sweeping, mopping, running errands, making posters, making signs, doing anything and everything they are instructed to - with a true servant's heart. It's amazing how much all these students want to be here - serving the interns and the conference attendants. What a blessing it is to me to see how excited all 29 of the RSA's are to be here in North Carolina.

Working on their first meal. I enjoyed listening as the process of arranging and cutting asparagas was explained to this young man :). He did a great job!

That would be Miss Maggie. She is the best cook! Ever! I was so excited when I heard she was going to be here this year!

That would be a tray of baked potatoes sitting on the sidewalk :). It was sooooo hot in the kitchen and they needed the potatoes to cool off quickly. I think it was like 50 degrees outside, so that is where the potatoes went to cool off. Good thinking, team!

While one team was cooking and preparing an eating area, another team was setting up classrooms for the conference. What an undertaking this is! At the end of the week, everything has to go back to where it was beforehand. This same team will be re-setting the facility. Speaking of 'facility', Kali is on the facility team. That's her in the picture carrying the chairs closest to the camera. She is sooo excited to be here!

The Masters Conference is open to students from all over the United States. It's a time to see friends you only get to see a couple times a year. Time for catching up and working hard!

I seriously want her jacket :)! And, yes, she is always smiling like that. Isn't she beautiful!

Some of the RSA's were working on a video/documentary film referencing what the theme means to them. The film will be used at this week's Masters conference.

When you are dealing with a team of 29 students, it is vital to have a way to communicate. Check out their messaging system. This wraps around the post - all 4 sides - and every RSA has a mail box slot. Cool!

Now, just because it's important, I need to show you my new shoes :).

This would be my first ever pair of converse! Kali and I had the priviledge to bring two of the other RSA's with us to North Carolina. The girls convinced me to go into a shoe outlet store somewhere in Georgia. This is what I picked out :). They are soooo comfortable. I wore them to yesterday's set-up and got so many compliments on them. Can't wear them today, though, because it's raining and I might get them dirty :).

That's it for Day One. I don't know if I'll be able to do this everyday because starting tomorrow our schedule is 9 AM - 9 PM. That doesn't leave much time for editing pictures and posting. As you have time, please say a prayer for the RSA's. They will be working so hard all week long. They will need to be here long before the others arrive each day, and still be here long after we all leave at night. Pray for endurance, patience, and love. And pray that they will be a blessing to others for having such a servant's heart and wanting desperately to serve!


BECKY said...

What an exciting thing for you and Kali to be a part of Alice!! You are just the best Mom! And a Mom in some seriously funky converses??? Kali is blessed indeed with your youthful spirit, and so am I!!

Thanks so much for your get well wishes. Doing pretty well. Took a nap today and am having a little trouble falling asleep, so I thought I would visit!

Just prayed that all will go well for the whole event! Blessings and hugs to you friend!

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