Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sally and Her Crew

Recently, I spent an hour with Sally and her beautiful children. I've started taking balloons with me on photo shoots now. Still trying to figure out what to do with them - lol!

And I've started playing around with the Pioneer Woman's editing actions, thus the pastel softness to some of these photos.

Seriously. Could she be any cuter?

Here's the whole gang - minus Dad!

Sally and her oldest son. I loved his curls!

I love the colors in this collage! This would be Sally's smallest one :).

As you can tell, the youngest son was having fun messing with me - lol! All her kids are so photogenic!

Isn't she beautiful? Kali works with Sally and we just love her! (For those of you have commented on my tournament and conference jewelry - Sally is now my Premiere representative and she can hook you up!)

They didn't know I was taking this picture. I loved the way she couldn't decide which bouquet she wanted to use, and she was willing to share. Then - off she ran! Photo shoot done, over, and out of there! I never did get a simple shot of her with a bouquet like I wanted - lol!

What a sweet, loving family! Sally is so blessed. And I really think these kids are blessed to have Sally for a mom! Thanks for letting me spend the afternoon with you! Let's do it again sometime :).


Courtney Michelle Photography said...

Hey! It's your long lost blogging friend! I've disappeared for almost a year... but I'm back! haha

These are adorable pictures...the boys seem to have great personalities! :)


BECKY said...

Love all of these gal! It sure shows in your photos that you love what you do!! I am going to be coming to you for some advice for improving my photos!!

Great job...I know they were pleased!

Lisa said...

I love the pictures with the wings!

Jen said...

I love all the great family shots! You've got quite an eye for capturing children in your photos.

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