Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Made the iheartfaces Logo Collage!

A couple weeks ago, iheartfaces celebrated their first birthday with a logo photo challenge. Kali and I headed out to the park and shot a series of photos using the iheartfaces logo. You can see those photos and our entry here. Thanks goes to celebrity judge Dana Suggs who chose our lead photo to become part of her chosen collage. Our shot is the third one from the left on the top row. Kali is bouncing alphabet blocks into the air spelling out the logo. Yay!!! To see the whole post on iheartfaces, just click here. Thanks, Dana!


Mrs Soup said...


I'm so mad now that I couldn't get mine done...but that is so awesome that I know someone's picture!

Such a great idea!

Patti said...

Wow. What a shot! What a creative idea!
Have I mentioned that I'm missing you? First Easter practice is Feb. 2

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