Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ruins of Hamlet, North Carolina

To be perfectly honest, I don't know if this was in Hamlet or Rockingham, North Carolina. I just know that I saw it the first morning as I drove from the hotel in Rockingham to the church in Hamlet where Masters was being set up.

I was really intrigued by what I saw, so I turned Mark's big truck around in the middle of the highway and drove back. I wanted to get a closer look and maybe a few pictures - you know how I am. Always wanting one more photograph - lol!

You can tell from the other pictures that there were at least four or five stories to the wall in the background. I can't imagine what this might have been with the windows so close together. And I couldn't see this room at all from the highway itself. There wasn't anywhere on this side of the street to put the truck, so I pulled off across the highway and parked in a vacant lot. Then I carefully scurried across the highway, climbed over the guardrail (not so easy at my age and lack of agility), and that was when I spotted the open room.

I got a bit nervous as I shot pictures. I noticed several drivers slowing down to watch what I was doing. So, I got these shots, ran back across the highway, jumped in, locked the doors, and took off.

I have no idea what this structure used to be. I liked the way the earth was growing back up over the walls. Almost like it was trying to reclaim the land - lol!

I thought of two things: 1) I thought of Stephanie, my friend at church who loves architecture and wished she was there with me to admire this fine work; and 2) I thought about the new theme for ICC this year: Awakening. rise up, reach out. I think this was probably a beautiful building in its day. I think there is a story here that I will never know. But as I looked at the weeds and vines growing up and over the walls, I thought about the new life I have in Christ. The new awakening I have every morning - that He gives me - to live my life for Him and to do the things He wants me to.

I thought about the Awakening coming to Hamlet, with our 160 students converging on the town, and praying that Hamlet would never be the same again. That somehow our students would leave their impact upon the people of Hamlet. For the glory of God, the all-time Master. And I believe that happened.


Caroline said...

What an amaazing 'chance' find :D Beautiful photography. I imagine it might have been an old 'industrial revolution' factory (like a cotton mill..?) with all those windows and the chimney stacks ~ just an idea. We have lots of buildings like that in the UK still. Those in tact are often turned into residential flats these days, or luxury hotels!

Patti said...

Beautiful shots & comments > and yay you for going to such trouble to get the photos!
Thanks for sharing.

I've had people @ church asking about you so have given them your blog addy. :-)


Laurel said...

OMG, That is one amazing find. I cannot believe that is in the US. I was for sure it was in England or Ireland or some other place like that. You are one lucky lady to find this building.

luke and wyatt's mom said...

Alice-my very first thought was that had I been there I'd have run across the highway with you to check this place out!! I agree with Caroline-it's probably an old factory of some sort. How fun would it be to explore all around there! Beautiful pictures!!!

Mrs Soup said...

Those are GORGEOUS!

I don't know what photo editing program you use, but you should look into adding some textures to them. I think it would really enhance these images in particular!

Keli has an awesome tutorial:

NCnative said...

Just stumbled through. I'm a NC native. That's the Great Falls Mill. It was originally called the Richmond Mill. The Richmond Mill was burned down by Union soldiers. It was rebuilt under the name Great Falls Mill and then burned down again about 40 years ago.

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