Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Cocoa Beach New Year

This New Year's Eve was spent in Cocoa Beach with family.

Yes, I know it's snowing where many of you are as you sit reading this post.

Yes, I know it's freezing and wet and miserable.

So, as my violin plays softly in the background, I welcome you to a Florida-style New Year's Eve Day :).

Hugs all around.

Well, actually you might want to hold this one at arm's length - lol!

Not me, I got a big hug anyway!

The water was chilly, but do-able.

It was a beautiful, peaceful day.

The children had this whole water-world-thing going on. Pretty incredible!

(I think this is my favorite picture from the whole day!)

Then we headed up to the house . . . .

. . . . for more swimming. Don't you just love Florida?!?

After showers, the kids played with the DS's,

and the grownups just enjoyed the company.

And this is what a Cocoa Beach Christmas tree looks like :).

I love Shannon's taste in ornaments! So much fun!


I apologize now to all my northern friends for these pictures.

Hopefully they made you feel a little warmer.

A little more hopeful. And happy.

From the Hendon household to yours - Happy New Year! May the God of the Universe richly bless you in this coming year!


Nana said...

This is one of the reasons I moved to Florida to have warm weather all year round. I think I didn't move quite far enough south. I moved from SO. Calif. and it gets colder here (some years) than it did there. I am SOOOOO ready for Spring.

BECKY said...

I LOVE your New Year's Eve in Cocoa Beach!! But of course I live here in sunny Florida, and absolutely adore it!!

I so enjoy looking at your photos, Alice. You are doing such awesome work!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!

Love and hugs to you gal! I'll keep you posted on the get together!

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