Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thanks, Interns! It's Been Incredible!

This past conference season was fun, educational, inspiring, faith-building, and eye-opening. Communicators For Christ, part of the Institute For Cultural Communicators, held conferences all over the United States to teach our students how to take the platform and share their faith. With anyone. At any time. Under any circumstance. In a caring and winsome manner.

The conferences were taught by a team of twelve teenagers working as interns for CFC/ICC. Students who love God more than anything. Students who came up through the ranks of CFC. Students hand-picked following an intense application process. Students who have commanded the platform hundreds of times between them, all over the United States.

Kali desires to be an intern. She has prayed and prayed about this decision. She has asked many, many people to pray with her about this decision. Kali just wants to follow God's will for her life and to be used however He wants to use her. Kali has a heart for the teens in our country. She believes every teen should be able to articulate their faith and what they believe. This year's team was incredible! Great role models for the hundreds of students that went through the conferences. Great role models for my Kali!

I am always impressed with their heart for God and for the students. I am always impressed with their obedience and unrelenting devotion to the heart of Communicators For Christ. I am always impressed with who they are and the way they exemplify what a prepared and confident young speaker for God can be.

And then there are the goofy glasses. And the disguises. The funny hair-do's. And the costumes. The funny faces. And the props. See, you can have fun representing Christ! And, you can have fun speaking for Him and sharing the Word.

So, Mrs. Moon and Interns - thank you for another great year! Thank you for taking the time to love my child and teach her. Thank you for sacrificing time with your own family to travel and teach and share with all our kids. You will never know the difference you make in our lives. You will never know the difference you have made for the kingdom. You will never know how much we love you!


Mrs Soup said...

Glad you had fun! Those are great photos!

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