Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Brand New Day

Bits of a song keep running through my mind. The only words I can grasp are " it's a brand new day." I can hear the people on the radio singing it, but I can't get past that segment of the song. Anyway, that's what I think of when I look at this grouping of photos.

I've shot photos of ferns before, but always from the topside looking down. (And usually there are raindrops involved :).) A couple days ago I wondered what they look like from the underside, looking up towards the sky. Did you know the individual pieces of the fern are outlined in white on the underside? And, if one frond lays on top of another you can actually see its shadow showing through? I posted my best ones here. For most of my pictures, if you click on them a full-screen version will open. You can really see the ferns better that way :).

I have a three photo series of the white flower, but I am only posting one here. I took three shots of the white flower hoping to get one good photo. When I looked at them on the computer I found the most amazing thing! The first shot showed an ant crawling towards the middle of the photo. The second shot showed that the ant had crawled down into the middle of the flower and only its rear end and legs were sticking out. Then, the third photo (this one) showed the ant crawling away, towards the outer edges of the photo. I caught these completely unaware. I have started wearing my reading glasses now when I take photos, so I can actually see my screen better :)

Then the last shot is an old one from Walt Disney World. I took it with a much older camera. The quality could be better, but I really loved the colors and the way the left is all darker, and the bee shows up nicely as well.

Remember, it's a brand new day that God has given you. Do something really special and amazing for Him today. He's worth your effort...He gave His all for you.


Wife and Mom said...

Very pretty Alice.

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