Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Country Shoot

This past weekend, my daughter and I visited with some friends to do a photo shoot. They live in the country with lots of fresh air, beautiful scenery, wonderful animals, and there is a lot of love in their family. Love for each other, for the home they have made together, even for the land they live on and all it provides them. I am making several posts today from the time we spent with them. These are some photos of non-humans (lol) that I enjoyed. The bunny was a week old and its eyes weren't open yet. I don't know how old the calf is, but she struck me as looking very much like a deer :) she is still being bottle-fed and was so sweet. The truck was abandoned in a field across the lane from our friends' home. I shot this picture while we were riding down the dirt road on 4-wheelers. The beautiful flowers were growing on a trellis in the front yard. We had a great day visiting and hanging out. Thanks for the beautiful photo ops :)


Annie said...

Ah! There is the truck. And a perfect compliment to the soft blue of mine. And you have a fridge in the picture as well.

I love birds and enjoyed the pretty red bird in another post. We have no red birds around here. Blue but, alas, no red.

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