Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tiny Little Wonders of God

Yes, I know I post some unusual pictures. And, yes, I have a thing for macro. Yesterday, my son and I were getting into the car to head to Orange Park (to see Mamma Mia again) and I noticed this little fellow on my arm. I told my son to grab the camera and take a picture of it. Half-kidding, but Jason got the camera, set it on macro and took a couple really cloudy shots. We realized the lens had fogged up coming from the house into the hot car, so we got out and walked around to the back of the car. This little guy never even moved or tried to get away :) Jason was able to get these two really good shots. The grasshopper was literally probably less than 1/4" long. He was really small. I am amazed that God can make something so little, that is so sturdy, can jump so far, is so resilient, and is so cute :) And, I really think in the second picture it looks like the little guy is looking over his shoulder at Jason - posing for a good shot :)


Wife and Mom said...

It does look like he is looking at me when I enlarge that picture. That is really funny. The macro setting on your camera is really great.

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