Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whitey's Fish Camp Showcases God's Creation

Inside the restaurant looking out at the canal.

My son Jason - looking out over the canal behind Whitey's Fish Camp.

I love the reflection in the water.

Mark checking out the boats :)

I like taking photos of signs :)

Thursday we went to Whitey's Fish Camp to eat supper. They have an awesome salad bar that really fills you up. And, on Thursdays their special is the soup and salad. The crab bisque is wonderful. That's what Mark and I ate - crab bisque and salad bar. While we ate, several families came and went in their boats, eating dinner at Whitey's. After we ate, we walked out on the pier...Mark checking on the boats and the prices on the gas pumps, Jason just taking in the outdoors, and me shooting pictures - lol. That's gotten to be what I do. I found the reflections on the water interesting - I always do. And, I've gotten this thing for taking pictures of signs lately. I've never seen a manatee at Whitey's but I'd sure like to. It was a good way to spend a Thursday afternoon - enjoying the water, the cattails along the edge of the canal, the fish jumping in the water, and the family time together. Kali was away at 4-H State Congress, she doesn't like Whitey's though, so I am sure she wouldn't be sorry to miss this particular outing.


Wife and Mom said...

Eric goes there all the time for lunch at work but I have never been. Maybe soon . . .

Proverbs 31:30 said...

Where is this at?

Alice said...

Whitey's Fish Camp is in Doctor's Inlet, kind of on the way to Orange Park. You turn right at the Middleburg High School and stay on that road until you get there. It's before Fleming Island :)

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