Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cowgirl Up

Several months ago, our good friend Pam took Kali and I out for a fun photo shoot. It was the first time either of us had ever done anything like it and we had a great time. While Pam shot pictures of Kali, I took pictures of Pam working. Most of the photos had both Pam and Kali in them, but I did manage to get a few of Kali by herself as Pam had her posed. For some reason, I never edited any of those. Today, while I was going through old photo CDs, I came across these shots. I thought these four were the best ones I took of Kali that day, so I edited them and here they are. This was probably three cameras ago for me. I wish I'd had my current camera back then :). Maybe Pam will let us tag along on another shoot soon :).


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