Saturday, July 5, 2008

God's Blessings

This is Meeko. She showed up at our house about 6-7 years ago. A stray, we don't know where she came from. Meeko just kind of took up residence in our pump house and has been here since. It reminds me of the verses in the Bible where we are told to give shelter, aid, food, and clothing to those who need it. We just accepted Meeko as ours. And I guess she accepted us as well. She got into a scrap a couple weeks ago. You can see the result in her right eye. We believe she is probably blind in this eye now. The pupil never really changes in shape or size. Meeko is such a great cat. We love her. I hate the fact that she got hurt in this fight. She has never lost one before - of course, we don't know that she lost this one either.

This is one of Meeko's kittens. I've posted a couple other shots of this kitten on this page already. She seems to like to have her picture taken. She won't let us hold her - but she'll sit still all day to get her picture made. Silly cat :)


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