Thursday, July 17, 2008

Student Leadership University, Washington D.C., 2008

A group of eight students and two chaperones from our church recently traveled to Washington D.C. where they attended Student Leadership University 201 with approximately 500 other students from around the United States of America and the country of Jordan. Our students spent six days learning about the history of our country, learning about the spiritual leaders that founded our country, visiting monuments, and learning how to be Godly leaders themselves. Here you see the two young ladies from our group standing in front of the White House.

Here are the eight students from our church - all wonderful, Godly young men and women. They had a lot of fun on the trip. They learned a lot of things about our country - some of them things they had never heard before, including specifics about the Christians that built our government from the ground up. Here they are standing in front of the Washington Monument.

I thought this was a really clever idea :) Thought I would share it here. This is my daughter's hand and her photo. In the background is the Washington Monument :)

Here you see the triumphant men at Iwo Jima, staking our flag for all to see. This reminds me of my dad who passed away a couple years ago. This was his favorite picture from the war. Whenever we talked about the wars he fought in, he would always tell me the story behind this picture. I can still hear it :) miss you, Daddy.

This is a nice closeup of John Bradley. I like the facial expression.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetary.

The Changing of the Guard ceremony in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
This is probably my favorite picture that Kali brought home from her trip. She and her friend are on the backside of the Capital Building. I love the fountain and the potted plants along the upper rail.

Kali's friend - the other young lady in the above shot - took these next three photos. I thought they would be a perfect addition to this post. They were taken during a boring bus ride back to the motel :) after they attended a Congressional Dinner.

Their pose? The thinkers :)


And, bored . . . . . . you guys crack me up !


Patti said...

Good photos. I enjoyed the ones Jacob brought home from his DC trip too. He also had one "holding" the Washington monument between finger & thumb awa one with Sam & Ben "leaning" against a small monument.

Alice said...

April and Kali did the leaning one also - it turned out really cute :)

Whitney's Latest said...

These pictures are soo great. Great job Kali!

Wife and Mom said...

Great pictures Kali. I enjoyed them very much.

Rachel Marie said...

I love the last 3 pics. They cracked me up!!

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