Friday, July 4, 2008

Gator Country

Even though today is the 4th of July - my son still had to work. Not all life comes to a halt because it's a holiday :) I went into town to take Jason some lunch, knowing he was probably working alone and wouldn't be able to leave to get lunch for himself. As I rode through the University of Florida campus, I came across this guy at the intersection nearest the football stadium. I shot these pictures from my car, through an open window, at about 15 yards away. If you click on the third one and enlarge it, you can read the names of some of the people who contributed to have this Albert statue made and erected.

This tree is located in our back yard. For years the woodpeckers have lived in it, made nests in it, and raised babies in it. I haven't wanted to take the tree down because I don't know where the woodpeckers will go without it. However, looking at it closer in this photo, I guess it's time to get someone that knows what they are doing to come take the tree down before it falls and takes out our goat pen.

This beautiful mimosa tree stands right next to the woodpecker-infested rotten one. What a contrast they are to each other.


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