Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas - Garfield Style

You know I seriously love me some Garfield! As I was sitting here working on the computer (gotta edit and post all those shots from our practice tournament last night *smile*), I came across today's Garfield. Well, it is definitely that time of year again, so I figured I'd post it here for all you computer-working-folks to enjoy :). Now, I know this is not the heart of Christmas, but it is definitely one small fun part of it :)! While many of my blog-world friends and facebook friends are posting words about the Gators and Tim Tebow, I am taking a stand on what's important and posting ...... da-da-da-dum! GARFIELD! Yeah! (And I am extremely tired, can you tell?)

If you want to see more cartoons that I have posted over time, scroll down in my sidebar to the list of labels, and click on 'cartoons'.


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