Thursday, August 19, 2010

Former President Bush Welcomes Home Troops

Borrowed from YouTube, this video shows former President Bush and Laura Bush welcoming many of our troops back home at the Dallas, Texas airport. These troops were returning from Iraq and Afghanistan on August 11, 2010. It's really sad that President Obama is never seen in this type of role. There is so much he could learn from just watching President Bush and seeing the compassion and pride he has for the American soldiers and the American people.

Here is a link where you can say thank you to President Bush for always putting our troops first.


Nana said...

This is so good. Boy do I miss them. He wasn't perfect but he was 100% for America. And what a classy first lady she was. What we have now could sure learn from them instead of trying to blame all the time. Obama's will NEVER be as good as the Bush's were. Need to post this on FB too.

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