Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have a Blessed Sunday

I hope you are having a blessed and wonderful Sunday. As I checked my email and facebook messages this morning, I came across this drawing that a fellow blogger had posted on his facebook. With his permission I am sharing it with you. Many times what he has posted has been the perfect thing for me at that moment. This being one of those. Please go over to his blog and visit for a few minutes. You can check Rick out HERE. And when you are finished visiting Rick's page - go enjoy the rest of your day :).


Rick said...

It look good here. Thanks for the link. You have a nice touch with the camera too. Your family always looks happy.

Alice said...

rick - thanks for letting me use your drawing :)

re:camera stuff - it helps if you only photograph the happy times :) - but we really don't have too many other kind of times - we are blessed.

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