Thursday, September 2, 2010

Annapolis' Cross

I was in Annapolis, Maryland, last week to see Kali on tour. To visit and be proud of her and her teammates. On the first morning I drove down to the waterfront area and found this beautiful cross in the middle of a busy intersection.
Of course, I'm seeing the cross and thinking "blog shot!" Maybe even a cool topper at some point.
So, I took a picture or twenty of it. I had one of the students with me and we had to cross this intersection to get to the cross which was in the middle of this traffic circle-thing. Probably not the safest thing to do.
I loved the detail! So intricate! This reminded me of Regent University and the lovely fountain there.
And by standing almost directly under the cross and shooting straight up - I was able to catch some awesome solar flare!
Solar flare is one of my favorite things to photograph! God puts some incredible work into solar flare and I love catching it!
After I got my shots, I looked around trying to figure the safest way back across the street and I noticed the capitol building in the background. Before this trip I didn't realize Annapolis was the capital of Maryland. I thought Baltimore was. Silly me!
I have absolutely no idea at all what this awesome thing is, reminds me of a sextant. (Which it very well may be, considering Annapolis is on the water and the home of the U. S. Naval Academy!) It was below the Capitol and I liked it, so here it is. You get to enjoy it, too :). Oh, yeah. This is about the same spot where we got to see a fire truck almost run over a mini-cooper. Not 15 feet from us. The firetruck was noisy, noisy, noisy, and the mini-cooper shot off to one of the sidestreets. I wondered if they knew where they were. Cause I sure didn't!


Nana said...

Love these pictures. What a beautiful cross. I hate those traffic circles they have up there. They have a few in Gainesville now and they always confuse me as to when I am to go. You were brave to cross in the traffic. I LOVE the picture of the cross with the sonlight behind it.Or whatever you called it. Tanek and I are studying capitals so I did know that Annapolis was the capital of Maryland.:)


Beautiful photography! And such a reminder that Christ died for me on the cross. Thank you for sharing. You have a gift from the Lord and you use it for Him. That, my friend, is what it's all about. So glad I came to visit. God bless, Dr. Bobbi

JillY said...

Those are FAB pictures, Alice! What a fantastic eye you have! We need you out here for the CO arm of the tour, so you can take our family pictures at the Denver Botanic Gardens the day after the tour closes here! have to go to my blog and read my two posts under the labels, "roundabout" and/or "roundabouts" to see why I was chewing my nails thinking of you crossing that thing for those pictures! Blessings! Jill

Echoes in Ink said...

Lovely photos, as always. I am always amazed at how much expression you can capture in something as simple as a stone fountain. :D

I can't wait to hear all about the Maryland event, and I'm super excited to be seeing everyone in my state in not too long!!

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