Friday, September 24, 2010

Calling All Ladies!

Yes, I know my 'title' could be construed as sexist. B U T I want to point out - that it is that time of year again!

I personally know two women who hunt, but for the vast majority we are talking men here.

This was today's BC cartoon - I love BC - they are always timely in their cartooning :).

So. Get ready, ladies. Ready for the stacks of hunting clothes all over your house. Ready for the gun cases to be left laying all around the rooms and on the furniture. Ready for all those special soaps to wash the body with, special soaps to wash the clothes with. Ready for all those bottles of unmentionable-animal-body-waste-stuff to put on said-clean-hunting clothes so the animals don't smell the hunters. Ready for the boxes of ammo, and loose ammo rolling around the floor boards of your vehicles. Do you get the general idea? It's that time of year . . . again!


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