Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Broken Wing

This moth was outside my house this morning at 6 AM. Kali and I went to See You At the Pole, at our high school, and when we got home it was still there. I went out a little while ago to bring in one of the dogs and, 7 hours later, the moth is still there. Isn't it beautiful? I wish its lower, right wing wasn't broken. I wonder if it's enough to make any difference when it flies? Kind of like when I have an unconfessed sin in my life, how I don't fly like I should. At least, when I confess and God forgives me, it makes things all right and I am again complete. Makes me feel sad for the moth. Or, I could just enjoy the beauty of this guy. When the wings are opened it is about 8 inches wide. Wow!


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