Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What in the world does "cheeseburger" have to do with this picture, you might ask. On Facebook, the students are always sending me bumper stickers of cute little animals. Many times they are saying something about cookies or cheeseburgers :). I was taking pictures of some of our kittens when I happened to catch this little guy just as he was yawning! My immediate thought was of those cute bumper stickers - especially the cheeseburger ones. If this was Facebook, this photo would have words printed on it reading: "I haz cheezburgr pleaz?" Yep, their spelling is usually horrendous - but sooooo funny! This picture is even funnier if you click on it to enlarge it. What a mouth on this little fellow!!!


Proverbs 31:30 said...

Great shot!

Alice said...

It was a total accident! Gotta love it!

Wife and Mom said...

This shot cracks me up. I have a lot of these yawning shots of Brooke when she was tiny.

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