Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some Day My Prince Will Come - OR - You've Got To Kiss a Lot of Toads :)

We had a great time yesterday, running from place to place taking pictures. The weather was overcast and it never got too hot, so it was perfect :). She is a beautiful young lady which really makes it so easy to get good photos. I love the first shot of her kissing the frog. This was in her grandmother's beautiful flower garden in front of her house. What a great idea! Her idea, not mine, her own special twist to these photos. I can't wait till we go out again. I already have some new locations in mind.


Wife and Mom said...

April is a sweet, pretty girl. No kissing anything or anyone yet girl!

Wife and Mom said...

The rest of these are great too. I have always thought she was a beautiful girl.

Nice job Alice:)

Wife and Mom said...

Happy Birthday Alice!

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