Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunset Through the Trees

Taken from the front side of our house, this evening. Kali and I stood and watched as the sun set and shot pictures. Recently, one of the young men from our church has been at the house cutting back branches and limbs from all our many trees. This is the main reason we were able to get some good shots from the yard. We now have unobstructed view :) . These pictures of Kali are pink because of the sun reflecting on her face. The colors were brilliant, sometimes orange, sometimes yellow, sometimes pink. Sunsets always remind me of rainbows. Rainbows always remind of God's promises. God's promises always remind me of heaven and a home and a future...with Him. Maybe that's why I always find sunsets to be so beautiful.

Just an "aside" note. In the middle of the first shot is a blob resembling a plane. When I blew this up on my computer screen, I found that it is actually a HUGE dragonfly. Kali jumped a couple times and kept saying something about a bug. I never saw it until I downloaded this photo to look at. Kind of strange that I caught it midflight and didn't even know it was there :).


Wife and Mom said...

These are all so pretty. I am just realizing that I have no idea where you actually live. :) (Fill me in sometime.)

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