Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Season in Florida

So, here we are in Florida, doing what we do in Florida at this time of the year, watching the hurricanes. We have hurricane season until the end of November. That's still almost three months of season to go. We've already had to leave our home and head to a hotel once this season. Excuse me for giving you another BC comic today - it's currently my favorite strip to read. You'll notice they are watching the hurricanes in BC'land as well :). I thought I'd also add the current screen from the National Hurricane Center. At one time yesterday there were as many as 6 tropical storms building on this screen. Thankfully, that number is down today. Gotta love it!

And, I am glad to say my friend Debra, who lives in Pascagoula, Mississippi, did well with Hurricane Gustav. Deb is a true survivor of Hurricane Katrina, having lost almost everything she and her husband had to that storm. During Gustav we stayed in touch by emails and prayer. Deb had a housefull of family and thankfully, all went well in Pascagoula. Love ya, Deb!


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