Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fortify Your Roots

Tropical Storm Fay came through our area several weeks ago. I noticed this tree when we came back home from the hotel we stayed in. I am guessing the roots became so water logged that the tree just toppled over. It appears the tree would have extended out into the highway, so someone must have chainsawed off that portion. The roots are probably about 10' tall from the ground up and stiff as can be. I wanted my daughter to stand in front so you could tell how tall the roots are, but there was so much mud and muck I was afraid to send her out there :). So, I just shot this photo through the car window. It is really incredible to look at.

Scripturally, this reminds me to fortify my roots, to keep myself grounded in God and His Word, so that when strong winds like Fay come blowing through my life, I won't be tossed up on the ground and left exposed like this tree.

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