Monday, September 22, 2008

Flowers or People?

I like taking a good picture of a flower. I enjoy looking for them as I ride or walk around. I like thinking about where likely spots are for the flowers to be blooming. I find it relaxing, peaceful, and somewhat therapeutic. On the other hand, I also enjoy doing a "photo shoot" with the girls :). It's challenging, fun, exciting, and requires a lot more thought. So, do I prefer flowers or people? Well, let's see. Flowers don't poke their lip out when you mention shooting some pictures. They don't roll their eyes as if you are totally blind and don't see this. Flowers don't have bad hair days, scheduling conflicts, or homework to contend with. On the other hand, flowers don't ooh and ahh when they look at the photos you shot. They don't smile and say, "I never thought I was beautiful before." Flowers don't reward us with hugs and kisses. Hummm... flowers or people? I'd choose people everytime :).


Wife and Mom said...

haha. I certainly know what you mean.

Patti said...

Me too.

Patti said...

Um, I mean: I pick PEOPLE too, not that I KNOW what you mean too. You know?

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