Saturday, September 27, 2008

One Last Tribute to Dan the Animal Man

I found this photo on the internet - googling, of course :). When Dan Breeding was at our church this week showing us the various animals he cares for as part of Creatures of Creation, I didn't realize what an accomplishment it was that he was actually at our church. Dan has been on every television talk show imaginable. He has shown these animals he loves so much to many different celebrities including: Whoopie Goldberg, Kelly Ripa, Jack Hannah, Greta VanSusteren, Jim Carrey, Jay Leno, the cast of Narnia, and even Sponge Bob (yeah, you know he's real.)

Here he is talking with President George W. Bush, on the day of the White House Easter Egg Roll where Dan and his animals were part of the celebrations. When things were over, he realized his vehicle was blocked in and he couldn't leave. As he watched the Secret Service guys on the White House lawn, he noticed President Bush step from the mansion, out onto the lawn. Dan immediately grabbed Leeza from his car and approached the president. He was stopped by the agents, then he heard the president ask, "Sir, is that a monkey you have there?" That was Dan's foot in the door to meeting the president. There is a whole series of photos - including a couple of Leeza chewing on President Bush's speech he intended to use the next day. There are shots of Dan posing with the secret service agents and Auggie the 7 foot alligator we saw. So, not only is Dan a semi-celebrity, but so are his animals. Who would have thought? You can check out this slide-show of Dan on Patti's page at 37 Blessings.


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