Saturday, September 6, 2008

Loving Hearts, Helping Hands

I spent yesterday with my mom at the residence she lives in. A group of volunteers came in and provided a fall craft for the afternoon. They come each month and spend an afternoon with the residents, help them make a lovely craft called a "doorbob" that they can hang on their doors, and provide a snack and a lot of fun. Everyone seems to love the time they share together. Here are some photos showing the craft that most called, "Something to Crow About."

My mom really loves living here. She loves the staff and has made some wonderful friends with both staff members and residents. Mom stays so busy. I can hardly ever get her by telephone - but that's alright. It means she is busy doing something and that is what I wish for her. A life she enjoys, fun stuff to do with friends, and all of her needs met. She has definitely earned it!


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