Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Another Night At Trinity Baptist Church

No, you are not seeing wrong. The above photo was taken inside our sanctuary at church just last night. This was on the platform where the pastor's podium usually stands, I might add.

Last night, Creatures of Creation came to Trinity Baptist in the form of Dan, the Animal Man. The above photo is what it looked like as we waited for Dan to start: wall-to-wall children, teenagers, and adults, all waiting to see what Dan might have in store for us.

First up was Prickles. She is an African Crested Porcupine. She was a lot bigger than I thought porcupines were supposed to be. I was totally surprised, and, she was CUTE! She loved Dan and kept trying to stick her nose in his pockets. I am guessing he keeps fruit and treats there.

This is Eugene - Eurasian Eagle Owl. Eugene was beautiful. Yes, his eyes were really this color. He can turn his head 240 degrees. Awesome. In the shot below, you can see a bit of his wing-span. I was listening to Dan talk and almost missed this shot.

Next, we met Leeza. She is a white-handed gibbons, so named for the obvious reason. She was a little pranker. As Dan walked her down one aisle, Leeza grabbed a sandal from our pastor's daughter. You can very clearly see Leeza here chewing on the shoe. Then, she threw the sandal on floor and snagged a kiwi off the table. Leeza took a bite from the kiwi, then threw it on the floor also. We figured our custodians were probably having strokes about the animals just being in the building, let alone throwing their food on the floor :).

This is what it looks like when you're watching the screen of your camera, and through that screen, all of a sudden you realize there is a man coming at you, holding a 7 foot alligator, they are about 4 feet away from you, and your feet and legs are sticking out into the aisle they're quickly walking down.

Dan brought this alligator, His name was Auggie, up on the stage and tossed him onto a 6 foot table. His mouth was clearly not taped at this point.

Dan gave us the fine points of alligator wisdom, including an explanation of a valve in the back of its throat that allows him to float up on fish, then snap its jaws down, catching said fish. Then, Dan proceeded to show us this valve.

It was just what I needed to see - up close and personal - don't you think? Whoa! The program was excellent. Dan talked about creation being designed by God and how it is all according to God's plan - for our world - and for us.

And, this is my friend Whitney! She is taking a shot of me, taking a photo of her :). She is going to be posting photos of Dan the Animal Man on her blog. You can check her out at Proverbs 31:30.


Laurie said...

Oh dear!!!! A gator in church!

What an exciting time that must have been! I especially like the porcupine! :-)

Thank for sharing the SYATP pics. You're such an awesome photographer!

Alice said...

Thank you, Laurie, I am glad you enjoyed the pics :). I can always count on seeing you at SYATP :).

Proverbs 31:30 said...

Love these!

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