Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crystal Lake

Yesterday Kali and I went down to the lake to shoot a few pictures. I had been wanting to do photos on the dock for some time, but had just not gotten around to it. First of all, we had trouble getting into the locked gate at the lake. Then, once we got our car down to the lake we found that we couldn't actually get to the dock without getting soaked. We had not realized with all the storms, that the lake level had come up that much. Kali pulled her jeans' legs up and waded in until the water was just above her knees - and she still wasn't to the dock yet. We ended up going back to the house, putting on a swim suit, and heading back to the lake. It was overcast to start with, then the sun came out really bright. Anyway, we got a few good shots - I think.


Nana said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girls.

Alice said...

thank you :) I am learning and she is usually willing to model for me :)

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